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Business Law & Commercial Litigation Attorneys of Naples & Rochester

Attorneys at the Pearl Law Firm are highly experienced with business counseling and litigation and have represented corporate clients at various stages of negotiation, and acquisition, as well as wrongful termination and other corporate matters.  The firm also represents commercial clients in all types of business and commercial litigation.

Our attorneys regularly litigate in federal and state courts in New York, Florida and elsewhere, as well as in a range of alternative dispute resolution forums. We provide many of our clients with both transactional counseling and representation in litigation as the need arises.

For example, in a recent and still pending case, we are counsel for a group of former employees who were promised, among other things, fully paid up life insurance upon their retirement from Allstate Insurance Company. This promise was breached by Allstate twenty years later when it decided to terminate the life insurance program for hundreds of employees who retired after decades of dedicated service. The firm is counsel of record for these Plaintiffs in a class action pending in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Alabama.

Another example of recent business litigation handled by the Firm’s lawyers include a lawsuit by a famous concert promoter to be repaid his loans to the owners of a music festival which was the subject of a fraudulent transfer to avoid the claims of creditors.

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