SEC Charges Florida Resident with Operating $35 Million Ponzi Scheme that Targeted Church Members – Brent Seaman

A tragic tale unfolds as one man’s hard-earned savings fall victim to a deceptive Ponzi scheme, leaving dozens of individuals reeling from financial loss.

Accused orchestrator Brent Seaman stands accused of defrauding over 60 individuals of a staggering $35 million, squandering their trust to fuel his extravagant lifestyle.

Among the victims is George Feurtado, who, alongside his wife, diligently amassed $1 million, only to see it vanish in the scheme. Despite no affiliation with Grow Church in Naples, Feurtado encountered Seaman once, a fateful encounter that led to devastating consequences.

According to the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), Seaman operated under the guise of Accanito Capital Group, enticing investors with promises of sky-high returns, reaching up to 48%. However, Feurtado’s hopes were dashed when his monthly returns ceased abruptly in November 2022, met with silence from Seaman’s camp and subsequent legal notices revealing the SEC investigation.

Reflecting on his plight, Feurtado acknowledges the harsh reality that recovery may be elusive. As the investigation unfolds, he remains cautiously optimistic, tempered by the painful lesson that if an opportunity appears too good to be true, it likely is.

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